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What’s Involved?

Web Design:

At Cyd Gallery on the Sunshine Coast your web design may comprise of HTML code, scripts, Flash, text and graphics, which formulate your website. A professional web designer will custom design your web site, which is uniquely developed for your business based upon the web solutions that are going to be effective and efficient for the aim of your proposed web site. They know how to effectively design and develop your website pages, considering issues such as loading speed, browser compatibility, navigation simplicity, up-to-date search engine optimisation, to name a few. Web designers should meet with you to discuss the layout of your site, and when a basic design has been developed they should then make it accessible for only you and them to view, as an initial draft. At Shine Out Designs we then ask you for your feedback, comments, likes, dislikes, on your initial draft and we then adjust your web pages as discussed. This process will continue until you are satisfied with your finished draft. Once the designing has been finalised and your approval has been given, we will then go ahead in making your site accessible on the internet. This is then followed by your Website Marketing & Promotion.

Website Content
Your web designer will discuss with you the content that you need to consider including in your web pages and any information that you can give to them is beneficial ie business card, brochure, logo, artwork, map, trademark, slogans, photos, background, history, staff etc.

Search Engines love content-rich pages, so the more content about your business the better.


Websites are made up of many files, including graphics. These files need to be stored (hosted) on a server for them to be accessible when someone goes to your domain name. Your website designer will use FTP, File Transfer Protocol to communicate with the hosting server, in order to upload your website files, making them accessible on the internet.

At SCyd Gallery, we look after all of your hosting needs, and advise you of what you may require, so that you are not left burdened or confused with any technical issues.

Domain Names:
Domain names are your personal website identity on the internet
Global Domain Name:
Australian Domain Name:
Qld Education Domain Name:

We can organise your domain name registration, Domain Name Transfers and Redelegation. We will notify you prior to your domain expiring, and will renew it for you, to make sure you never lose your domain name.

We are not like most, that register your domain name in our name, we make you the Registrant of YOUR own domain name.

There are certain rules in applying for some Domain Name Registrations, please read them here.

Website Marketing:
Not a must, but highly recommended if you want your website to succeed and found amongst millions of websites on the net. This includes a full marketing strategy for your website, from up-to-date search engine optimisation, which deals with the preparation of your web pages for search engine attraction. We consider your keywords, meta tags, link popularity, website structure and content. Then submission of your website pages to search engines and online directories. Our website marketing also includes a follow-up approach where we monitoring your website over the coming months following submission, to make sure you become visible in major engine results.

Full details can be found in our Website Marketing Strategy
If you already have a website but it’s lost in the crowd, it’s invisible in search engines, then let us optimise your website and promote it for you. Read more details here.

We would like to thank and the same time congratulates the company Castle Finance Direct for trusting us to handle for their websites benefit from our service. And now that it’s finally completed they are very happy with the result it brought to their company. Check the website here Castle Finance Direct.